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MCR Whips
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MCR whips are used by some of the best competitive drivers in the USA and abroad.  The key features of these whips are their exceptionally light weight, good balance and quality workmanship.  Additionally, each whip is handmade with attention to detail and can be made to the driver's specification for stick length, lash length and color and even degree of flexibility. 

Types of Whips
Whips are available from 48" to 84" standard lengths but shorter and longer lengths are able to be made on special request.   Three colors are now offered: forest green, soft maroon, and marine blue as well as high gloss black. 
Lashes can be made any length.  Standard driving whip lash material, shown in the photo above left, is "vectran 8-plait" ecru color.  Black, bright white and gold braid is also available. 
The two part, 7 foot whip blanks are desirable for training (lunge) whips and marathon whips for easy storage, transport and for storing on the marathon carriage as a spare whip.


Handles:  the standard handle for driving and training whips is a comfortable black golf grip.  Custom leather handles in your choice of colors are also available.