Fire Sale/Spring Clean Clearance!

We are having a Fire Sale/Spring Clean Clearance Sale due to a fire in the building in April.  The insurance company requested we remove all our inventory from the store in order to clean the building thoroughly.  This gave us an opportunity to do a detailed inventory of all our stock.  The good news? We got to repaint and remodel the store!  None of the inventory was damaged during the fire but we found many items we thought we should clear and offer to you at huge savings!  Shipping within Canada will be free for orders over $200 (in-stock items).  We will ship to USA, UK and AU.

We have several items for Barn, Blankets/Sheets, Equine Supplies, Grooming, Harness/Carriage Equipment, Halters/Leads, Harness Parts and Leather Care, Helmets and Covers, Harness Pads and Show Gear - Some new, some used but all discounted for you!  First come first served.  All sales final.

All sale items are listed under the categories below: