ComfyCOLOUR Harness and Parts

$18.33 - $1,659.58
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 Comfy Fit Standard Harness features:

  • Choice of Colour Black or Brown Matte Finish or Black Patent 
  • Carefree Synthetic Waffle Padding 
  • Choice of Padding Colour in Black or Brown 
  • Curved Breast Collar 
  • Combo Traces
  • Shaped Bridle Crown
  • Square or Round Blinkers
  • Adjustable Neck Terret
  • Extended Padding on Saddle
  • Closed Shaft Loops (or upgrade to quick release)
  • Choice of Joined or Separate Hip Straps
  • Beta Reins
  • Martingale

 Options and upgrades:**

  1. Patent Finish (no extra charge)
  2. Brass Hardware  (allow 3 weeks extra for delivery)
  3. Other breast collar styles
  4. Bridle crown available in leather (+10.00/bridle)
  5. Square blinds may be substituted for round (no extra charge)
  6. D-style terret may be substituted for adjustable (no extra charge)
  7. Other saddle styles are available for substitution (search Saddles)
  8. Quick Release Shaft Loops
  9. Leather Reins or Super Grip Reins

Comfy Fit Harnesses are convertible to pairs or multiples with a few easily attached conversion parts.  Take off the shaft loops and add side holdback rigging and you are ready to pair up or drive multiples!

Individual harness parts are available.  

**ComfyColour harnesses and parts are custom and non-returnable.  Please measure carefully.  If unsure, please don't hesitate to ask!