Carefree FeatherFlex Synthetic DRAFT Collar

$172.80 - $218.70
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NEW from Countryside Harness!

Draft Collar with adjustable patent fasteners are available in Half Sweeney only.  Choose your colour of decorative lacing!  

Countryside Synthetic Carefree Featherflex collars are manufactured using traditional methods and equipment.  Collars are made from extremely tough PVC belting with a semi-gloss finish on the outside with a softer synthetic material on the inside. Rims are filled with extruded rubber.  Collars are stuffed with wheat straw.  Easy care – just wipe clean, no oiling needed.  These collars are much lighter and more flexible than traditional leather work collars.  So far, the reports on these new collars have been great!   As these collars do not absorb sweat, water or urine, they will not rot, hardware does not rust – they are a well tested and economical addition to your harness gear.