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A Labour of Love


Well here we are after almost three full months of working on our new website!  I am so proud of how it has turned out.  I have many people to thank for helping me along the way.  This truly has been an huge job - one I'm not sure I would have started if I'd only known..... 

A huge thank you goes out to Amanda Epp and Sally VonHertzberg who have toiled endless hours making sure the details are all there (not easy when 'someone' gives them the wrong information to begin with).  Figuring out the limits of the website program gave us some interesting challenges in making sure that the information was presented as we wanted.  We received a lot of great support from our website designer in Okotoks, Dave Bown (High Country Web Design) and also the team at BigCommerce.com who were there 24 hours/day to answer our 'how do we..." questions!

It has been wonderful receiving your photos and very flattering comments.  It's always nice to know when you're on the right track - equally good to know what we need to improve!  Thank you!

The draw for the $100 Equi-Market Gift Certificate is coming up soon and there's still time to enter some photos and comments - Draw date is March 1, 2015!

Thanks again everyone - and to our viewers, we hope you enjoy and find the website useful and informative!  We look forward to serving you soon.  We welcome your input!


Carolyn and the Equi-Market Team